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I started in the trade in 2007, and worked for Ridge Electric for the first three years of my apprenticeship. In 2010 I started to run work for Sturgeon Electric as a third year apprentice. I completed the apprenticeship program in 2011, and received my Journeyman’s license. In 2012 I went to work for Ridge Electric where I started running work as Forman. In 2013 I moved to North Dakota and started to run work as a Project Manager for our Office there. In 2016 I moved back to Grand Junction to serve as the Project Manager in Colorado and received my Masters Electrical license.


  • WCJATC Apprenticeship program
  • OSHA 10 & 30
  • Colorado Journeymen’s License
  • North Dakota Journeymen’s License
  • Colorado Masters License

experience in colorado (2007-2013)

As an Apprentice:

I worked on St. Mary’s Century Project

  • Multiple renovations in St. Mary’s Radiology
  • Remodels at Ute Water, and Mancos waste water treatment plants
  • I worked on gas sites for Oxy, and Williams (WPX).
  • I did extensive work for Williams installing all the instrumentation and solar on there well sites

As Journeyman:

  • I replaced an MRI at Delta Memorial, as well as worked on renovations in the Radiology department at St. Mary’s, and service work throughout the two hospitals.
  • I ran a service truck for a year working all over the Western Slope.

As Foreman/Project Manager, I ran the following projects:

  • Cardiac Cath. Lab at St. Mary’s Hospital
  • The General Surgeons Offices/Procedure rooms
  • Installed new UPS system at St. Mary’s Hospital

experience in north dakota (2013-2015)

As a Foreman/Project Manager: I ran the following projects.

  • Energy’s Crude Oil Rail Loadout Terminal
  • Summit Midstream’s Crude Oil Truck Loadouts and Pumping Stations at Fortuna and Epping N.D.
  • Schlumberger’s Fracking Cement Plant and Frack Truck maintenance building in South Hart N.D.
  • Kodiak Oil and Gas well site maintenance and new construction.

experience as electrical contractor (2015-present)

We have completed the following projects.

  • The Windgate Dorm at CMU
  • Room renovation for GE X-ray equipment, at Delta Hospital, and Rocky Mountain Orthopedics.